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Do you need a plumber in Sasolburg that can assist with your plumbing needs? Vaaldriehoek Plumbing is a trusted plumbing company in the Vaal Triangle, offering services to clients in Sasolburg and the surrounding areas.

Vaaldriehoek Plumbing has gained experience in the fields of residential plumbing, construction plumbing as well as commercial / industrial plumbing. Our services includes all plumbing related services – whether you are in need of a geyser repair, plumbing installation or simply need to fix a burst pipe, you can trust the experienced team at Vaaldriehoek Plumbing.

Best plumbers in Sasolburg – Why choose Vaaldriehoek Plumbing?

  • Timely service: Vaaldriehoek Plumbing won’t keep you waiting. We will assist with your emergency plumbing needs, or complete bigger plumbing projects within an acceptable timeframe. Call us today to discuss your plumbing needs, and to get the job done as quickly as possible.
  • Large plumbing projects: Vaaldriehoek Plumbing specialises in larger plumbing jobs including commercial, industrial and construction plumbing. We have built a strong reputation amongst construction contractors in Sasolburg and rest of the Vaal Triangle area as a leading plumbing contractor. We will complete your construction plumbing project successfully and according to your needs. Vaaldriehoek Plumbing is also experienced in industrial and commercial plumbing services, offering affordable plumbing services to our clients.
  • Professional plumbers and satisfying results: You can trust our team of certified plumbers to complete the job professionally and according to your needs. No matter how big or small the plumbing project, our plumbers will see to it that the job is done right.
  • Affordable plumbers in Sasolburg: We pride ourselves in offering an affordable plumbing service to clients in Sasolburg and the Vaal area, ensuring that our services fit our client’s needs. Get a quote today for the plumbing services you require.
  • All plumbing related services: We are able to complete all plumbing jobs, making us an excellent choice of plumbers in the Vaal. Read more below about the services we offer.

Plumbing services offered by Vaaldriehoek Plumbing

We are able to assist you with the following plumbing services in Sasolburg and the Vaal area:

  • Maintenance plumbing: Whether you have a blocked drain, leaking pipes or other plumbing related problems, Vaaldriehoek Plumbing will assist. Our plumbing services are affordable, timely and professional, and we have all the tools and equipment we will require for the job. Call the leading maintenance plumbers in Sasolburg for more information about our maintenance plumbing services and to get a quote.
  • New installations: Whether you have built an additional bathroom in your home, or simply need to replace the plumbing system on your property, Vaaldriehoek Plumbing is the plumbing company in Sasolburg for you. We are capable to install complete new drainage systems, or as you require.
  • Geyser repairs: A burst geyser is a home owner’s worst nightmare. Let Vaaldriehoek Plumbing help to repair or replace your geyser in no time, so that it will cause as little discomfort to you and your family as possible.
  • Solar geyser installations: Vaaldriehoek Plumbing is also experienced in solar geyser installations. This modern geyser solution will help you to save on electricity costs over time, and will ensure that you always have a dependable hot water supply. For more information about our solar geysers or to get a quote, contact Vaaldriehoek Plumbing today.
  • Irrigation installation: Vaaldriehoek Plumbing will help to install, repair or upgrade your irrigation systems. We can handle any size irrigation job, whether it’s required in a residential property, security complex or schools. We will install high quality pipes and sprinkler systems, to ensure that you are happy with the installation of your irrigation system. Get a quote to install you irrigation system from the trusted plumbers in Sasolburg today.
  • Septic tanks: For septic tank system installations and repairs, get a quote from Vaaldriehoek Plumbing today. Regular maintenance on your septic tank will also help to prevent larger and more costly septic tank repairs. If you suspect a problem in your septic tank system due to sewage odours or draining problems, let our experienced plumbers at Vaaldriehoek Plumbing know today.
  • Tanks and pressure pumps: Vaaldriehoek Plumbing also offers water tank solutions as well as suitable pressure pumps to effectively pump the water to the desired area.
  • Borehole pumps: Need a new pump for your borehole? Our trusted plumbers in Sasolburg can assist. We will supply and install your borehole pump, offering a professional service and competitive prices.

Contact the leading plumbers in Sasolburg today

Whether you simply need to unblock a drain, need to install a solar geyser, or looking for a plumbing contractor for you construction project, contact Vaaldriehoek Plumbing today. Our team has assisted many clients across the Vaal Triangle to complete their plumbing services required.

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