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There are many reasons why owners of residential and commercial properties choose to install irrigation systems rather that watering the garden by hand. People all over the world are becoming more aware of water conservation due to drought and water shortages in many regions. But this is only one reason why home and property owners choose to install irrigation system in their gardens.

Read more below about the benefits of efficient irrigation systems, or contact the leading plumbing company in the Vaal Triangle for a quote to install your irrigation system.

Why you should install an irrigation system on your residential / commercial property

Here are a few reasons and benefits of installing an efficient irrigation system:

  • Insufficient rainfall: It often happens, especially in South African regions, that the rainfall is not sufficient to maintain plant growth. Many property owners revert to watering gardens by hand, which is extremely time consuming. An efficient irrigation system is very beneficial in these periods when rainfall is not sufficient, helping your garden so that it doesn’t show symptoms of drought.
  • Saves time and effort: Watering a garden and lawn by hand or sprinkler takes up hours of your time, which is not always possible if you have a busy schedule. Automated irrigation will save you hours of your time, as the irrigation system will water the garden automatically at the desired times.
  • Saves money: Irrigation systems are quite cost-effective, making it affordable for most home and property owners to install. Your irrigation system will also water the garden as scheduled, and no water will be wasted, leading to unnecessary high water bills. Get a quote to install your irrigation system in the Vaal Triangle today.
  • Saves water: Help to conserve water by installing an efficient irrigation system. Irrigation systems use less water than watering by hand or sprinkler, and there are no chances of you forgetting the sprinkler on. You can save up to 50% of water usage for irrigation when installing an irrigation system. Because the irrigation system can be set for a specific time, it can be utilised at the best time of the day before day break and after sunset, when the sun isn’t so harsh that it evaporates the water.
  • Improve the state of your garden: Regular watering by irrigation systems will improve the condition of your garden, as gardens will be watered on regular scheduled times. Regular watering with smaller amounts of water is also known to be more beneficial for plant growth.

Irrigation systems are especially beneficial for larger and commercial properties, where watering by hand is not an option.

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