Bathroom Renovations and the Plumbing Involved

Finally renovating that old out of fashion bathroom with the leaking taps and mouldy shower? How exciting – Now you can finally have the modern bathroom with the luxurious tub and beautiful taps you’ve always dreamed of. Renovating your bathroom does however entail a little more that meets the eye. If you’re planning a complete bathroom overhaul, then there will certainly be a few plumbing issues that need to be attended to, to fit in with your new bathroom design.

Vaaldriehoek Plumbing is here to assist. Whether you’re planning on moving the bathtub in your bathroom, or simply need to replace your old taps with new ones, Vaaldriehoek Plumbing can assist. Vaaldriehoek Plumbing is experienced in bathroom renovations and the plumbing services involved, and have assisted many clients in Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging and other Vaal Triangle areas to get the bathrooms they’ve always dreamed of.

Renovating your bathroom? Vaaldriehoek Plumbing will assist with your plumbing

What plumbing services are required when renovating your bathroom? This will be determined by the extent of your renovation project. Surface renovations (leaving the bathroom layout unchanged) will require little to no plumbing services, whilst complete bathroom remodelling (moving your basins, toilet, bathtub or shower to a different location in the bathroom) will require a few more plumbing alterations.

Vaaldriehoek Plumbing will ensure that your new bathroom will run as is should. A bathroom renovation project might include a few or all of the following plumbing services:

  • Water supply lines: Larger renovation might require that the water supply lines be moved, to reach the new location of showers, basis, toilets and bathtubs. This doesn’t have to be as dreaded as it sounds – Vaaldriehoek PLumbing will ensure that the water supply lines are sufficient and in place in no time.
  • Waste lines: The same applies to the waste lines – Vaaldriehoek Plumbing will ensure that the waste lines are up to standard, running from your new toilets, bathtub, shower and basin. it is advised that the water supply and sewer lines be taken care of by a professional plumber, to avoid catastrophic mistakes.
  • Drains: Outdoor drains also need to be in place, connecting your bathroom to the main sewer lines. Vaaldriehoek Plumbing will ensure a leaf free drain installation if required.
  • Bathtub: Your bathtub will need to be connected to the water supply and waste lines. Taps and fixtures will be replaced if required and checked for leaks.
  • Shower: Just like the bathtub, the shower will also need to be connected to water supply and waste lines. All pipes and lines will be installed professionally and checked t ensure there are no leaking joints. Leaking pipes within the shower walls can cause quite a lot of damages, which is why it is best to let a professional take care of it for you.
  • Toilet: The toilet is another feature that needs to be connected to water supply and the sewer lines. Vaaldriehoek plumbing will ensure that your toilet is working as it should.
  • Basins: We will check all basins taps and fixture to ensure that the taps don’t leak or drip.

Contact Vaaldriehoek Plumbing for bathroom renovations in the Vaal Triangle

Vaaldriehoek Plumbing has assisted many private clients and building companies  to renovate their bathrooms and complete the plumbing requirements thereof professionally and successfully. Vaaldriehoek Plumbing aims to offer an affordable service to our clients, as we understand that renovating your bathroom is already a bigger expense than you anticipated. Get an affordable quote from the leading plumbers in Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging today to get your bathroom renovations done quickly and efficiently.

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